Sara Collet Watson

I'm a lady with a passion for creating fun, functional art - particularly lamps and light fixtures. The product of three generations of electricians, raised on Spirograph, Light Bright, Lincoln Logs, and tinkering with Dad at the workbench, I've developed a style that combines my intricate designs with some simple materials to make something that is beautiful and useful.

Since starting Lighting by Sara in 2015 I've drawn a lot of inspiration for my night lights from the aesthetic of simpler times when toys were crafted by hand, built to last and had fewer features, making them a blank canvas for a child's own imagination. I try to bring some of that into my own work by leaving off the frills and focusing on the quality of my craftsmanship, hopefully creating something that can be passed down through generations to come.

A few of my most popular designs were born from customer requests. If you'd like me to make something custom for you, please feel free to get in touch. I love a challenge!

PO Box 3893 Antioch, CA 94531 United States

I ship worldwide! To date, my lamps have traveled to all 50 states and over 20 countries.

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Mushu & Kaolin

My workshop helpers.